The increasing awareness of the health risks associated with poor control of microbial fouling in water systems has led to a demand for effective management of the water quality.

The problems associated with scale formation and corrosion are obvious and have long been understood by site engineers and managers responsible for industrial and commercial plant.

Microbial fouling can introduce a far more complex problem into the day-to-day operation of systems by reducing the efficiency of a cooling tower pack by blocking waterways, biofilms will inhibit heat transfer and certain bacteria can create highly corrosive areas which could lead to an increase in general maintenance requirements, higher operating costs and possible plant shutdown.

There is also a health risk to personnel if bacteria, including legionella, are present in domestic water systems. Any water system that has the right environmental conditions could potentially be a source for legionella bacteria growth

Regular monitoring, microbial analysis and legionella testing are an essential part of an effective water hygiene programme along with regular cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers and hot and cold water services.

All water samples taken for bacteriological analysis, including legionella, are tested in a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited laboratory. An analytical report with the test results is provided to the client.

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